Bad day

I'm having a bad day. All these learning emergencies are cropping up, I am having financial difficulties, and my boyfriend can't find a job. It is depressing and it weighs on the soul. The news channels don't help either, but he won't listen to me and turn them off.
The least favorite part of my job is actually the main part of my job. Perhaps I just need a vacation or something. I'm starting to feel drained by it and partially because I figured out that between my work, my commute, my sleep and my getting ready to sleep/wake up there is actually four hours a day left to eat, relax, work on dishes/laundry, run errands, read scriptures and somehow come up with some great ideas. That is not a lot of time. Combine that the extra responsibility of my church calling and that pretty much means that I get part of Saturday and part of Sunday to get personal things done.
It helps to get it out and I just took a quick walk to come up with a plan. Stock will be sold, food storage will be eaten and new ideas will be thought of for a side business.
Hope for a better day starts now.
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