One hour plane trip

Last week I had a work trip to Ohio. Hopefully I didn't already write about this because, of course, I can't see my blog here and I'm at work taking a minute to write down a thought.
Anyway, it was about a one hour flight to Ohio.
This is what I accomplished:
  • Edited a 22 page wiki document.
  • Completed the design for the e-book/paper copy of my job description, processes, checklists, etc.
  • Updated my 10 page to -do list
  • Reviewed and updated my presentation
One hour folks. That was only on the way there.
Just think of what I could accomplish if I sat in one hour plane trips 40 hours a week. Amazing results. Almost as good as sitting in the Toyota dealership cubes waiting for the car to get the two hour check up.
If only corporate, government, and academic environments would get it – some of us high performers need to be left alone for a few hours and we can produce!
(This email took all of two minutes to write, five seconds to mark off the electronic to do list)
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