Blog Faux paus and blunders

Blog Faux paus and blunders

Today I conducted a blog faux pas, blog blunder or whatever you want to call it. I’ve since erased it, but I posted a status of one of my work projects on this blog. I started a blog a little more than a month ago to help us manage the status and issue items that happen between deliverables on projects. It’s become a huge help to me and others since most of the breakdown on projects seem to occur with the little pieces of communication between deliverables.

However, I’m trying to keep my place of employment out of this blog.

Sooo, if you saw the post about the test and production servers and wonder where it went …. well, it’s been moved to the appropriate blog.

Now, let’s just hope I don’t post a deeply reflective personal note or a rant about how work is this that or the other on the work blog. That wouldn’t be a career ending move, but I’d prefer not to speed up that process.

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