Mind Clutter

Do you ever have mind clutter? I am having a major case of it right now. Too much on my mind and not quite feeling good to get any of it done. It’s all written on the lengthy to do list, but then looking at that I’m getting depressed. Ok, so it’s been a hard week at work, with headaches and with weird weather. I’m so glad it’s Friday. I’m working today even though it’s my day off. But, hey … we have to work harder and longer in a down economy, right?

Well, writing this is getting a piece of clutter off my mind and so perhaps the rest of the day will go better.

Sometimes it helps to write it all out and so I will do that tonight. After all, sometimes we have to take moments to Feng Shui the mind, the house and the office so the chi can flow through it.(-:

I’ll write about Feng Shui later though because I read a little more about it this week.

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