This week I told my carpool buddy that I was ready for a new challenge, ready to progress, ready to move on if need be. I’ve been in my position for almost four years now. I’ve never been in a job for four years – except a paper route.

Anyway, the carpool birdy told my office boss about me and how he needed to talk to me. Of course he did. I was expecting it. It’s kind of good because it prepared him and it helped me come forward to talk to him faster. I’ve just been putting it off because all of the meetings and such.

We had a good talk. I said I needed to grow, but hadn’t figured out yet how. I don’t know whether or not I will apply for an opening that is coming up or not. It all depends upon what else is out there.

He was supportive and would really like me to stay in the organization. He said he was 100% behind me. He also said that he thought I was most likely a better leader than him as well as some of the other leadership and would recommend me for any position at our organization. That was a high compliment coming from him and for some reason it wasn’t so difficult for him to make it on that day.

He did ask if it was his management style. I said that he was random, but at the same time I still really needed to move upward and onward.

We’ll see what happens. He told me to think about it and create a plan.

I will do that.

These are those discussions that somehow make things temporarily better.

Even so, this weekend I’ll look to see what is out there despite the economy.

Everyone needs to feel like they are progressing and appreciated. Once in a while I actually feel that way.

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