Car Talk

So, last week I told my prior boss about my desire to move forward and progress in my career here where I work. He acted as a little birdie and told my boss to talk to me.
My boss did talk to me and we had a good conversation. He knows I will probably apply for another internal position, but also discussed with me about creating another job under him related to all these processes and procedures that I keep talking about helping get into place, but never get provided the time to do so.
I re-caped parts of the conversation with my old boss on a ride home yesterday. He told me to be careful and think carefully about remaining under the boss. Hmm. What does this mean? Does it mean he knows something that I don't know or is he just telling me to keep moving forward?
Regardless, I am taking it to heart. I need to move on. I think it is an unhealthy relationship for me now. I get home from work and I'm mentally tired and physically incapacitated.
That is not the normal me.
To top it all off, I've started the which helps you gage your exercise more. I have tried really hard to exercise more this past week, but now I weight more than I have ever weighed in my life! So, I think that the stress is getting to me.
Time to move on ME. Time to move on.
Thank goodness for car talk.
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