Ode to the Blackberry

Oh, ode to the Blackberry,

all black and worn,

you were my friend,

though my thumbs are all torn

You woke me up daily,

at 5:00 a. m. Sharp,

for almost three years,

your screen glowed in the dark

Your keyboard, magnificent,

it came with real keys,

and a small little ear piece,

so to drive with great ease

From carpool, to office,

to home and on travel,

used mostly for email,

not much babble

Alas, and a lack,

you were there by my side,

to your last day,

when you crashed by my ride

With your screen all a shatter,

and scratches and bangs,

it’s unfortunate, yes,

but, it’s time for a change

Oh, ode to my Blackberry,

I’ve left you alone,

Now I’ve had to move on,

to my… dare I say it, iPHONE!


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