Acknowledgement – Mid-Level Manager?

I have been at my job for almost four years. I have made a lot of improvements on this job as well as been a firm supporter of our contractors and product development improvements. I've lead quite a few teams and have tried to be an example by taking the blame for some things or leading out when others would not.
I am a product development manager, but only called this because some refuse to call me a "Director." That was one of the reasons I started this blog a few years ago in the first place.
Alas, and a lack.
Finally, after being here almost four years I am being invited to our mid-level managers conference. What? Only three of us from our group are invited to go and it is hard for me to tell if I am being invited only because the other two are invited or if I am being invited because they actually view me as a mid-level manager.
We were identified to go because we have potential for succession planning. Potential?
Seriously. Some of us have been trying to run the show for a few years (at least for our own areas of responsibility) and we may have potential?
I'm not in the least bit excited about this excursion. In my mind it is "too little and very much too late."
Ahh, lessons learned for management and leadership folks out there – don't do this to your high performers. They will see through it and they won't be there for your succession …even if that is your plan.
In my heart I truly feel let down, hurt, embarrassed, untrusted and delayed. Now, how am I supposed to continue being effective with these types of feelings running through my head.
My time has come. I have to leave. It is time for others to come in and fill my shoes. This is "not the place." This was a small stepping stone on the path of a dried out pasture. Greener pastures here I come. Newer paths…here I come to make…
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