I have no trust in my leadership now. I had a meeting this week with someone that I thought could help us along the path, but that is not the case. Unfortunately, he is boss of the boss and so the realization of stagnation makes me want to move forward.

There are a few things going on at work right now that have made me leery of telling anyone anything. I’m fairly private as it is, but it is becoming very clear that certain people in my group have inappropriate relationships with people in groups of contractors and it is best to steer clear of it altogether.

This has contributed to low work self-esteem on my end. That is not a good feeling, especially after you have received the highest marks possible for performance.

I’ve gone in late all week to get rest for myself and it feels good to step away for a bit. Perhaps I’ll take an even longer break soon. Hmmmm….

I do have four weeks of vacation that I must use or I will lose. It is looking rather tempting right now.

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