Jekyll and Hyde

My boss is now officially Jekyll and Hyde. In the morning he will offer that I work from home for a day to finish up a project that I can't focus on at work and when I take him up on the offer by the afternoon….he makes big excuses about not abusing teleworking and how he doesn't want to set a precedents for the team.
Wow. Talk about worry on unfounded information. Who are these people abusing the privilege? I haven't heard of any. I'd like to ask for departments where this is happening because I have heard of no such thing. 
These things take a huge toll on my self-esteem. Why am I still there?
I do enjoy some aspects of what I do – processes, checklists, job aids, managing the good people (there are low performers that do wear me out) and working in a lot of different systems.
I don't enjoy – being managed, being treated in Jekyll and Hyde ways when I'm pushing 38 years old! I feel untrusted.
This weekend I will job search. I've started to do so before, but it has always kind of fallen apart. So, perhaps I was supposed to be here for a while. I'm grateful for some of the people that I've recently met and will cherish their friendships for a long time. But, sometimes it is time to move on.
A quote – "Sometimes it is holding on that makes one strong. Sometimes it is letting go."
I hope I can be in tune with the spirit and have the confidence to pursue other opportunities.
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