Ladderal Moves

I don't even know if this word is spelled correctly.
I just know that it is offensive to me. It was suggested by my prior boss one day when I said I was considering moving on to something else. He thought I should apply to an internal position that is actually higher than mine, but make it a ladderal move.
Why is it that some people are moving ahead faster than myself? I have accomplished much more than them and yet I've been left behind. Yes, I get some of the best raises every year, but some people have jumped far ahead in salary with very little performance to show for it.
It really does bother me and hurts my heart.
Underneath it all I will continue to work harder, smarter and look for another growth opportunity.
It did make me feel better that someone else felt that way at the office. He is being left behind as well.
It is frustrating to see it happen.
A quote:
"Life isn't fair and anyone who says otherwise is selling something."
Ain't that the truth. Except, that some of our leadership has been sold a bill of goods when thinking that some people deserve higher positions just by looks, talking louder and longer and because of three letter credentials behind their names.
Moving on….
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