Emotionally Exhausted

I'm emotionally exhausted.
The minute I open my work email every morning I get tired. Each day brings yet another contact from another organization to work with and that would be normal for someone in sales or business development. But, combined with my day-to-day job here, it creates extra stress.
Part of this stems from the fact that I have not been successful in informing my organization the impact of me working with so many people outside of my organization. Compared to all other co-workers, I work with the most external people. In some ways that is good. They follow what I tell them. However, it is a constant training process as I regurgitate frequently our processes, roles and responsibilities, etc.
Such is life. The bad part about this is that I have no energy when I get home. OK, I make it a point to exercise, but then I'm too tired for anything else…including too tired to look for another job.
My sister and children come into town this weekend and so that is yet another week gone by where I don't apply for something else.
Miracles will come. For today, I will pray, try to answer another 20 emails and perhaps even go home early.
Plus, it might help if I take a deep breath.
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