Eavesdropping through work doors and blind copied emails

So, in years past, at my current location, I've experienced the eavesdropping thing. It is actually quite amazing and perhaps I've written about it before in other blog entries and just can't remember.
I've actually been on conference calls or in conversations behind closed doors and have had people knock on the door and then say things like "Well, based upon what you are talking about the answer is…" or "I heard you mention xxxxyyyyyzzzzz and we need to talk about it." Yes, they have actually done this. Admitted to eavesdropping through my door.
Here's another interesting thing in my environment.
I actually had people come up to me today in the cafeteria and tell me what a great email that I sent out. Really? And, these were people that weren't even copied on the email. Wow. Luckily, I know that these things can be passed around and so I am careful. However, do you really think you should go up and admit to someone that you saw the email train that they sent out?
Ah, well, such is the work life.
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