Files on Random Drives

I almost have no words for this, except "really?" because I can't understand why a senior leader type would even waste time with this kind of stuff.

Email to Me:

I was just on shared drive, looking for a file, and saying how much clutter there was at top level.  I notice that today, a folder “name of folder” which looks like a learning product package, see attached in HTML.  Question is was it us, and is that normal or was some one in a hurry? Or was it someone else in our group?  If network space makes things easier, then should we not be using a dedicated area versus creating more stuff at top level in "shared drive" drive. So take a look, not a big deal, just one of those things that stuck out at me when I ran in to it.


My response:

That was "so and so" putting a file in a place for me to access his development files. You can disregard. I'm going to delete them today. We were working on it just yesterday.


Email back to me:

Ok, let's just clean up after done. Tks..





A couple of disturbing items about this email:

– There were a lot of other more important emails that I sent yesterday that got no response.

– Why is senior leadership worrying about a random shared drive that we use to transfer files or place some of our working documents within?

– Why is senior leadership questioning me about these types of things if I am someone who consistently creates new processes, simplified communication methods, and content management approaches to manage all of our documentation.



I will let it go after I write this post, but it appears that someone is trying to create messes or issues.


Serenity now.





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