Position Possibilities

My boss and I have been talking about me moving into a new opportunity here. However, it all depends upon his mood of the day. Since it is starting to look like he is talking to other people about taking on my position, I decided to email him yesterday about talking further.
Here's my email with the appropriate names deleted:





We haven’t gotten together to discuss another position formally yet, but thought I’d forward a document of some thoughts I wrote down last year. I didn’t bother to edit it.


It would be good to discuss this sometime this week.



While I am interested in engaging in a new role, I am also interested in moving forward (pay, responsibility) and want to make sure this position allows that to happen.


Either way, would like to discuss a new opportunity.








Today I got the response.








And, so, my yesterday of hope and my evening of possibilities all boils down to a morning of an "Ok" response to something that I've been trying to push for over a year.



Why am I still here? This yo-yo is making me go crazy when really someone else seems to be doing so.



Perhaps my purpose is to write a book about this experience because I'm not seeing why I should stay here and at the same time I'm not seeing any writing on the wall.

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