Cookies Anonymous – 14 days clean

Yep, I’ve made it 14 days without cookies. I’ve also lost a total of four pounds over the last couple of weeks which isn’t really anything on my frame. The real trick is substituting with something better. Today I brought a big bag of pre-cut and pre-packaged carrots and celery to work along with yogurt and an orange. I ate some of all of them. However, I did take a break to go buy a big BLT for lunch so I could truly fill up.

The next item I have to omit from my intake would be peanut M&Ms. I bought a massive bag at Costco and ate it all in one week. So, the cookie thing was great, but I think I was able to do it only because I had another crutch.

Hopefully this week I’ll be able to have celery and peanut butter as the crutch instead of all these tasty substitutes. And, I’m done walking Pepper and so this means more creative exercise options and obscure walks to fill that requirement.

Pressing forward!

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