Ok, my energy has been sucked from me this week. Too many meetings. I’ve had my evenings to myself and that is a good thing. I have to realize all of my thoughts somewhere … and it’s not out through my mouth and so it’s coming out on the blog.

Anyway, every few months I re-read my personality profile. It reminds me of my strengths and of my weaknesses and what I need to work on in some areas.

(Advertisement from me – take your Meyers-Briggs for free at http://mypersonality.%20info/ )

I did this re-read last night and found a page that talks about how to deal with INTJs. Fuh-ney, or not. My type is rare and it sounds like I have to constantly make sure I’m not rude.

The list is at http://fuzzy. snakeden. org/intj/ , but thought I’d copy/paste it below because it is kind of funny …. Or sad depending on how you look at it. It is strangely accurate in some ways and a little off in other.

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