Drawing Straws

So, this week we had an interesting “funny” that we dealt with along with typical things that remind me of “The Office” or Dilbert cartoons.

We were asked to go down to the basement to see the progress of the work on the cube farm that will replace the prior hallway of offices.

It looks nice and light and airy right now, but that will soon change once the cubicles take over the space.

Either way, the ceiling is too low for some of the tall people and we aren’t that anxious about occupying a basement that has a history of bad air quality and mold.

Aaah well, at least my boss asked the entry level contractor to come up with a plan for us to pick our downstairs spaces properly.

Drawing Straws! Of course! This is what all adults need – straw drawing activities because they can’t collaborate and come up with good solutions as a team.

It was pretty funny, and fairly absurd, in other ways. Basically, no one had thought through the process. The girl put numbers on the straws, but then we didn’t assign any meaning to the numbers. Did the numbers mean the order we were to pick our spaces? Did the numbers mean that we were associated to a certain spot to have our desk?

Alas, and much “a lack,” it didn’t help anyway. We all negotiated spots and then our boss tried to dis-way us from the spot we selected.


Smoke and Mirrors this exercise was …and Straws.

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