Priorities – cube decorating

Recently a friend of mine shared her plight with me. She manages a small team and can’t get them motivated to save her life.

However, these same people that weren’t motivated to do their work had plenty of time to decorate their personal cube for an entire day.


then wanted to make sure that they gave her a complete tour of all of their fine cube artwork.


told her she was too motivated to do a good job and that she should calm down and decorate her cube.

Now, if this was an interior design firm, I’d understand.

But, this is a government contractor working for a fairly large government agency.

The sad thing is that on the government end there are probably some cube decorators that gave these contractors the idea that they too could take creative license and make their dwelling desirable instead of actually delivering a product to a customer at the end of the day.

You can learn a lot about people by observing their cube activities, but most of us are actually working and probably miss out on a lot of the really absurd stuff.

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