This little heart of mine

This little heart of mine, I'm going to make it shine….
Those are the words in a song, but right now I'm feeling like I've got a little tiny heart that hurts and that it is a struggle to make it shine.
I was in yet another meeting today where it sounded like my words, however logical and strategic, weren't the same as those from people around me that obviously have built relationships built upon something other than the right thing to do.
It hurts my heart, it hurts my head and it hurts my spirit. I'm continually deflated.
But, I do want to say here one important thing. I'm amazingly productive when I am deflated. My focus becomes intense and I work hard to move forward and complete projects and tasks and my vision of what should be done becomes clearer and driven.
This will be a difficult time, but I will emerge as a successful business woman from this entire experience. I will also learn humility, strength and perserverence from this all.
Also, I want to give myself kudos for the day. Despite everything going on, I've been extremely accomodating to outside SMEs and contractors through all of this and for that I am happy. Who would have known that I used to teach people interpersonal skills and question asking at a training center?
Well, I did. And, now it is time to get back to the real me…and have it excel and move forward even better.
With that, I'm going home for the day. I need a walk and will get back online after the dusk begins to fall.
Musings are continuing at a rapid rate now which means change is on the horizon.
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