I have TONS of blog entries to write for this blog, but thought I’d just write a little tiny one today.

We had a call with a contractor that has had difficulty treating us like a respectable client over the years. They had a new program manager and it was refreshing to see someone take charge and lead as a real “leader.”

This is a two edged sword for me. It gets me excited to implement what they have done and it embarrasses me as I realize that is what I used to be and I’ve lost some of that on this job.

This is a long weekend!

I am going to exercise, pray, read self-help books, get caught up on a lot of job stuff and prepare myself to actively pursue other career options starting tonight.

The reasons will be in other entries.

Oh, and heads up – I am going to write a book and create a movie about all of this. Should be interesting.

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