Example of our version of leadership

A week ago I participated in a conference at work. It was for the mid-level management of our organization. There were a lot of meaningful sessions and I just skipped a few so that I could get some of my regular work completed.

Anyway, during one of the breaks I saw the chief of staff and the director of our group sitting there talking. I walked over to share with them the new blog I created that helps us know where modules are in the development process. I showed them this great little tool on my iPhone.

After taking all of one minute of their time, his response was this:

“So, how to you like the iPhone?”

Really? I’ve just demonstrated that I took initiative to set something up, populated it and shared it with people and spoke about how it was changing and improving my job and you didn’t respond to it, but asked about the gadget?

At this point, I have no words. And, do I need to? Most people would be thinking that was absurd. But, the really absurd part is that they are always telling us to be innovative and start using tools wisely and when I do – they don’t care.

This is better than “The Office” or “Dilbert.”

Serenity Now.

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