Not happy. A contractor program manager is saying that I made special deals with a contractor over the phone and didn’t leave a paper trail. You have got to be kidding!

Of all people, you would think that I would be the safest from these things.

I talked to that person once every 2-3 weeks (if that) and the person would call to clarify emails that I had sent with requirements.


Does the madness ever end?

I can’t believe it!

In this particular case, the program manager has always pushed blame off to others – “It is the SME,” “It is the client,” “It is my team,” “It is…everyone but myself.”

I had seen it happen in meetings and in personal conversations, but now it has happened to me.

Alas, well, what goes around, comes around, doesn’t it? I will never work with him again or send him any business.

Now, it would be interesting to know who out there feels this way about me?

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