Customer Relationship Managment

Over the past couple of months, I’ve tried to be “nicer” to some of the people that call me from organizations outside of mine. Since they call a lot, and have a lot of questions about how to “hang” their courses on our systems, it can be kind of frustrating. Sometimes I’ve let that frustration show.

But, lately I’ve tried to be very helpful. After all, I hope to be out there again and I may get, and/or need, to work with these people in some shape, way or form again. I should have kept that attitude with me the entire time I was working there because then I’d have really good relationships at this point.

So, in the past couple of months I’ve been lucky to have to work with a lot of organizations that are trying to host products in our systems. I’ve gotten a lot of practice and I feel like I’m getting back some of the skills that I used to have and …it feels great.

Along with that, I had a call with a school principal in Texas the other day. It felt so good to be the person that was able to ask questions, help the other person think about what their needs were and provide possible solutions for them. It is that consulting type of thing. Where you can share workable ideas with someone and help them implement them, but not feel stuck in one organization.

Can you feel the excitement begin? I do. And, I’m planning on treating my customers very well. (-:

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