Pure Intelligence

In our church scriptures, there is a quote about how when we are inspired by the spirit, there is a feeling of “pure intelligence flowing through you.”

I’ve felt that this weekend. In many ways, it has been a heartbreaking time for me. It’s the realization that things are not what they seem at work, and no matter my efforts, it won’t change. There is a period of sorrow and letting go that has to be gone through in these instances, but it’s taken me a while to do so.

This weekend was a start of a big change and I’m grateful for the change of heart or the inspiration to know that there is a place for me and …it’s not at my current job.

I’m going at it on my own. I have no interest in applying to other jobs and thus my delay in doing so. So, I took a long walk on Sunday and talked to God, my Heavenly Father. I told Him that I knew I wasn’t perfect, but now was the time for opportunities to come out of the blue and for little miracles to take place.

And, they did take place. In a matter of hours my boyfriend talked to someone at church that may need help creating some e-learning. Someone that I had started to work with a few weeks ago sent me a document with answers to questions I had posed, another woman with whom I had reviewed a website asked for more feedback, a reporter friend wanted information about web 2.0 since she is looking for a new job, and another asked advice about some technologies.

No money has been interchanged, BUT this is big. It’s giving me confidence and …contacts. It will grow, I know it will. The key is to have something fall into place fast.

I’m also feeling inspired to contact all of my friends in this field and be prepared to ask them for availability to share their talents on the side. I don’t want employees. I want people that I can reach out to as the need for the skills present themselves on different projects.

It is a wonderful feeling. I am so excited and hope that I can continue to go forth down this path.

Yea! It is a “memorial day” in many ways despite the actual holiday. At least, it will be when I look back and realize that this is one of those moments in time that breed great change.


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