Competitive Intelligence

So, I picked up this book on Competitive Intelligence that I will probably write about more later. However, it is interesting that information isn’t valuable on it’s own anymore, but rather in context, in relation to other information or it’s impact on people, business, politics, etc.

Ah, well, that just all came off the top of my head and so next time I should probably go look up the real definition. However, that would be slightly out of context now wouldn’t it?

In my context, I am a holder of certain competitive intelligence. For instance, this week I know that a new manager is ticking everyone off, but people in my organization don’t know that the person is ticking everyone off in the other company. Why is that important? That person ticks me off and I hold the keys as to whether or not I want to deal with them going forward. But, another interesting item is that the said manager may have a special relationship with the owner of the organization and so the manager might not be let go EVER regardless of how much emotional intelligence or team building skills are exhibited. Unfortunately, my sources tell me that this person is already helping with a “re-org” in a few weeks.

Now folks, I’m not the smartest person on the block, but when you have a new person come in that starts calling the shots AND starts calling these shots over and above their own management – something is up and something is going to happen fast. It will not be smart, it will not be happy and most importantly to me – it will not be good for any of their clients.

Been there, seen that.

I am realizing that I have an awful lot of competitive intelligence locked up in this here brain. It’s time to start capturing it in meaningful ways in a location (website, book) that can be used for the benefit of others.

Now, perhaps I should go read the book.

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