Double Agents

Yes, I’m a conspiracy theorist in so many uninformed ways, but I really truly believe that I work in a world of double agents.

Now, that is kind of a funny because I work in the world of 1.) e-learning development and 2.) don’t even need a security clearance to do any of my work. Part of me hopes that I never have to because after all, having to keep too many secrets could create extra life stress. See, now I’m more stressed because the powers that be will see my blog (because nothing on the Internet is hidden) and they will use this against me in future job situations.

Regardless, I am now seeing examples of how so many women “work it.”

Here are some of the ways they “work it.” or as I like to now called it “double agent it.”

Ok, here we go:

  • Convince managers that they will do ANYTHING to get the job done, but be ethical. Really? Do tell, how does this work?
  • Say they are trying to hone their skills, but in their spare time they worry about everything but their skills (hair, make-up, is my skirt short enough?, long lunches, flirtations with people 25 years older, etc.)
  • Telling bosses they will support them and pass on information about the team and then go tell the team stuff about their boss – trusted agent gone double agent.
  • Act strong and confident in front of the big bosses and be running down the hall crying amongst all the co-workers. Really? You’ve managed big projects before? Do share. How did the crying go over in that?
  • Perma grinning while back-stabbing or degrading a person.
  • Meeting with everyone separately and promising to meet every ones needs though all differing.

Alas, I’m getting off the double agent topic here, but the point is…there are a lot in our workplace and many are women. Even the men in our environment act like women for heaven sakes.

But, as trustable double agent myself – well, I’m not really a double agent. I’m more of a competitive intelligence agent. Why? Because I’m not two-faced. I might find information out from both sides, but there will definitely be one person that gets loyalty over the other. And, you may never know which one you are because after all – keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
I don’t usually play the games that double agent types play. I just start ignoring the double agents tactics and either straight up tell them what I see or straight on tell them I have no work for them.
Either way, it’s not good to be one because if I don’t figure you out, in the end you will still be left with no friends or supporters.
See, not much changes from the playground. The girl talking to each little girl about the other girl typically gets burned in the end.
I feel like I’m sounding morbid, but I have got a lot of thoughts up here that I must get out of my system.

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