Hypnosis CD

This morning I woke up with a raging headache. So, I took my Excedrin Tension headache medicine and went back to bed.

Realizing that my mind has been heavy with work stuff, I put on my iPod and listened to my Dr. Kenneth Grossman hypnosis event. I had to do it two times to get my mind and body to relax. It is interesting that I have gotten up from it with a much lower headache and am now bombarding through the day trying to accomplish a lot.

In the words he used, part of it talks about being in a big room where you are eating a lot of food and your body bloats up. It is shocking that your body actually begins to feel all bloated up when you are listening to it. Amazing! The power of the mind is incredible.

If that is the case, then the opposite can also be true. So, I’m going to go on a walk now and think really positive thoughts and ask for inspiration. I need it!

I will also whisper to myself – “Let go of work, let go of work, let go of work.”

It will go well.

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