Boss Moccasins

So there is a famous quote about “walking a mile in others moccasins.” I think I’m finally starting to understand my boss a little.

He doesn’t appreciate me unless I ask to be appreciated. I’m thinking “why do I have to ask for this when I’m an obvious performer?”

However, at a recent conference, it was clear that our “corporate leadership” is always looking for the next shiny object to focus his efforts on and throws us out with the bath water even though our efforts are the bread and butter of the university.

Hearing that we weren’t acknowledged made me feel pretty low. I can’t imagine how many times my boss has felt this way over the last few years. Especially since he sometimes brings up a lot of issues on things and is perceived as complaining.

Anyway, it helped to have that feeling and understand how hard it is to pass on the compliments when you are constantly dealing with unappreciativeness on the other end.

Time for me to continue walking in other moccasins.

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