Book – Disrupting Class

Has anyone read the new book out by Clayton M. Christensen?

Disrupting Class – How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns

It sounds interesting and I am going to order it this week.

Basically, it talks about what is obvious to many of us that are part of the e-learning industry and also utilizing web 2.o capabilities. The learning world (K-12, college, training, and performance support) is being turned upside down with the globalization of business and emerging technologies.

In a brief podcast that I listened to about the book, Christensen discusses the multiple intelligences. My favorite link for figuring out your strengths/weaknesses in the different intelligences can be found at While you are there, take your Meyers-Briggs assessment to find out your personality type. If you combine your personality type and  multiple intelligences results it could give you a very healthy perpsective into how you learn best.

Christensen acknowledges that it would be expensive and time consuming to tailor learning to the different learning styles and so I’m anxious to see how he handles this in his book.

One of the big questions he hints at discussing is how do we put learning in a mode that fits each student’s intelligence (multiple intelligences) and provide it at the appropriate pace for how each individual learns.

I’ll post again after reading it and share his ideas – mixed in with a few of my own.

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