Intense headache vs. dying

I had an intense headache today and I hadn’t had one in a while. It is amazing how incapacitating these things can be. It gives me a lot of empathy for people that live with constant pain.

As a result, I had to miss an event this evening with the friend that has multiple cancers. She wasn’t too happy and probably thought that I needed to get over it. After all, she was going and she is going through chemo.
I came home and went to bed and part of me felt guilty, but part of me didn’t want to be a road hazard either.
It is sometimes hard to know when to take care of ourselves and when to take care of others. Yet, the airplane flight attendants often say it best.
Isn’t it something like – “Put your mask on first and then assist others… ?”

I tried to look it up on the Internet and found this blog from a mother – http://kunderwood. wordpress. com/2009/05/07/first-put-on-your-oxygen-mask/ 

Good advice for many parts of life.

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