Bogus Standards

Alas, I’ve experienced yet another attempt at pretending to follow procedures and guidelines and then breaking them.
We spent all of those hours going through a hiring panel and in the end it only partially matters. Leadership still wants who they want and they will provide a way whether the hiring panel agrees or not.
It wouldn’t bug me if this was a corporation. After all, if someone is a fit, they can make the case and bring them on. As long as the resume and experience match, by all means hire the friend or former co-worker.
However, if the skills and experience aren’t there, don’t do it. Friends will get scrutinized more closely. And, hiring panels will be ticked off that they spent their valuable time being part of such actions.
The one silver lining to all of this – it helps me completely lose trust in the leadership and helps me pursue other cheese (see blog entry about “Who Moved my Cheese?”) just all the faster.
We are the government. We have guidelines. We have standards. We follow procedure. If we aren’t going to follow it, let’s not say we have it.
But, who am I to say anything after all? I just bring up reality and the blatant disregard for it, but to small minds that is thought of as “complaining.”
Serenity now!
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