Who Moved My Cheese?

This weekend I took a few minutes to read some of my own old blog posts. It almost made me cry. In fact, maybe it did make me cry. I’ve just become too calloused to actually remember when I’ve been hurt lately.
Why were the posts about the same exact things that I post about now?
Why do I still not get awards for what I do?
Why am I still ranting about feeling unappreciated, overworked, underpaid and overlooked?
Someone moved the cheese. They actually moved it a long time ago. I’ve felt hints of it along the way, but because people would throw me a bone (pardon the combination of bone and cheese analogies) once in a while I would go into temporary hopefulness and false highs. So, I’d put in the extra hours and push forward thinking that all the efforts and innovative thinking would amount to something.
Alas, the cheese is far from moved.
It is removed.
And, like the famous book clearly points out, it is time for me to stop knocking on the same walls thinking they will fall down. It is time for me to take different paths even though I really don’t know what is at the end of them.
This is all rather freeing. I’d quit tomorrow if I could. But, these things must be strategically handed over.
So, I will clearly state my goal here.
Or, maybe not.

That will be in my private journal in case someone has already subscribed to this feed on this hidden blog.

Either way, it is good to know that there are multiple types of cheeses, in many places and that are much better.
My soul is kind of in a state of rejoicing that this is my final decision to move on.
Where are you sharp cheddar? I’m lookin for you now, if only in my thoughts. But, thoughts become actions, right?
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