Fruit Flies and Seats

It is always the little things, isn’t it?

Today a contractor sat in a hoteling seat of another contractor and refused to leave his spot. This started an entire chain of events on both the government and contractor side of the house. The program managers had to watch out for their people while also complying with overall human decencies standards and political maneuverings.

What next? Sometimes it feels like first grade where all children must cooperate for the line to effectively mozy down the hall.

I’ll tell you what is next.

Fruit Flies. All over the place and “bugging” everyone. It’s just that some of us swatted them and kept working and others talked back and forth about how all the maintenance people needed to be alerted. After all, the more complaints, the quicker the response?

Thank goodness for iPods? I just plugged those babies into my ears and worked away.

This kid ended up having a very productive afternoon. Some of the other kids had some laughs, some complaints and some anger.

At least we were all doing something, aye?

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