Rumor Mill

Rumor Mill has it that my old boss is going to get a new job in the organization. Who knows where, but that brings up a couple of interesting items:

  • Why did my current boss act surprised by the news? Those two are best buds, at least they were in the past. So, the fact that he didn’t know means something is amidst.
  • What group is he going to? Out of our group?
  • When is this happening?
  • Who will take his place?

Now, I don’t know what is up about the first question, except that my old boss probably knows that my current boss can’t keep a secret to save his life…at least not about work stuff.
Not sure where is going, or when, but if he does leave our group this should cause some “interesting situations” to occur.
First, there are only a couple of people to move up into that role. I am one of them.
Secondly, is what happens if they don’t ask me about that role. I prepare to look for some other place to work. Oh wait, I’m already working on that.
Thirdly, what if they do offer me that position? How long would I like it? Why would I do it? Would it really be an opportunity?
This is one of those situations where you want to be the first considered, but your not sure how long you would want to do it, but you would be really ticked off if you weren’t given the option.

Finicky, I know.

Yet, did I say the most important part at the beginning – all of this is based on “rumor mill” and a very limited one at that so my lips are sealed, though my fingers are flying.

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