100% or 0%

So, I was able to spend time with most of my family over the weekend. I was off in the calm mid-western United of States and was relaxed, satisfied, and easy going.
That is the life.
I came back to say that I missed work 0%.
Or, should I say that I 100% did not miss work?
Which is more positive? Does it matter?
Either way, it was good to not be here.
Wednesday I came back, walked in the door and up the dark, damp stairs with spiders overhanging me and thought – “Why on earth am I putting up with this?”
Why am I?
Recession worries?
My $100,000+ a year salary that I could actually make more of elsewhere?
Fear of the now unknown (same agency for five years?)
Ah well, I’m here. I will do my work everyday until I find the next opportunity.
I am 100% needing something else to do.
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