Mediocrity Pays

Apparently mediocrity pays. The government is turning into a socialist thing and now I see why we all support it.
We have an extremely poor performing contractor. When I say extremely poor, I mean that they never even deliver what they promise on the day they promise it. We have heard "We will get that to you today" for the past three months and we still put up with it.
It is now hurting my soul. The fact that my boss puts up with it tells me this – he values that mediocrity more than my opinion.
For a high performer, that is soul killing.
Pray tell, why am I still putting up with this crap?
Because it has incapacitated me. It has become a form of abuse. I'm confined to the small world that I'm in by the abuse it provides me. I understand it. It is safe in all of it's craziness. It is easier than dealing with the unknown.
It makes me too tired and too worn down to even think I'm qualified for something better.
Writing this down makes me realize how pathetic this situation really is for me.
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