Changing Names

Our group is apparently getting a new and updated name. How festive is that? It will, of course, change everything.

It reminds me of a Dilbert cartoon talking about how a consultant wanted to come in and help with process improvement. Someone in the Dilbert office tells him that this effort failed a couple of years before, but the consultant was undeterred.

Why was he unflappable? Because, as he stated, “I assure you, it has a completely different name.”

The Dilbert office person was profoundly impressed. He responded with a “great, when do we get started?”

As we all know, Dilbert cartoons are true. All of them.

So, now, as an employee of the “Global Learning Center” I can assure you that I am motivated, chipper, excited, and so willing to engage in innovative and forward thinking solutions now that we have a different name.

“When do I get started?”

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