Emotional Rug Movings – from under feet

At about 9:40 a.m. this morning I received an email from my boss saying that he wouldn’t be able to attend a status meeting for another group at our organization. He asked me and my counterpart to attend. He also asked that both of us give status on our projects at the meeting.


In 15 minutes (allowing five minutes for travel), I was supposed to pull together status on 35 projects that are all under different contractors.

Not going to happen, especially when I had planned to accomplish that on Friday (my day off).

I will admit to contemplating skipping the meeting. However, with the current climate, it was best to show up.

And, I did. I was actually there five minutes early since I didn’t have any real status to share. I did copy off a page or two from the blog just in case people needed to touch and feel a piece of paper.

My counterpart was already there with handouts, a spreadsheet, and a confident grin.


She obviously knew about this WAY before the email that I received.

I looked at the agenda. She was the first item.


The deputy leading the meeting called upon her to start her spiel and I sat for the next 10 minutes listening to a counterpart share how she was getting everything organized into spreadsheets, a blog and status reports to better serve the customer. Everyone nodded in agreement and seemed pleased.

I, on the other hand, hid my emotions as much as I could because every single document and idea she presented was what I had created and used for the past couple of years. Wow. The nerve!

It is great to share ideas with others. I’m all for bringing the level of everyone up in their record keeping, new technology implementation, etc. But, when you act, in front of me, like it is all yours? Wow.

The wasn’t the biggest thing that bugged me. It was the fact that it was clear that she was getting buy in from people that haven’t bought in to the same information that I’ve been providing to all of them all along.

These are those heart wrenching moments when you realize that you are out. Those moments when you realize that you won’t be moving forward in your environment despite your best efforts. That you are not “one of the chosen.”

Ah well, it happens to us all at some point in life.

I just have to remind myself not to think small.

Move on. Move forward. Forget about this entire experience, except for the “lessons learned.”

The rug under the feet has moved, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find a magical flying carpet to ride seeking better horizons.

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