Tales from the cube farm – I’ve moved

My days of having a large office are over. They were actually over the past few months. I’m now in a cube farm… in a basement. Who would have thought it would all come to this?
I cannot complain too much. I have the largest cube in the basement and so my lips remain sealed.

Kind of.

If I were to wear the fashionable heels of the day, my Afro hair would grace the ceiling. One does not want to grace parts of this ceiling. Spiders live there and like it.

At least these basement cubes are new and at least I get a cool desk. I can stand up while I work, or sit down or even bring in a bean bag to lounge on the floor. The desk plugs into the wall and throughout the day I can move it up and down according to my needs.

It moves and takes the laptop and flat screen monitor with it.

Folks, this makes all the difference. My life is complete.
Or so they think.

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