Blatant Disregard for Reality

This happens all the time at work. A blatant disregard for reality.

It comes in all forms.

People will call me an ISD (stands for instructional systems designer), even though I haven’t been one in over five years. I don’t call the directors of my organization pilots even though they were… in jobs long past.

Leadership folks say that some of us are negative, even though we often share facts and insight (from actual experience) that will help them deal with reality and make wiser decisions.

Every business book that I read states that effective leadership types want to know reality so they can deal with it. Only by knowing where you are can you figure out a starting point and a way forward.

Oh, but wait, did I say the books talk about how “effective leadership types” want to know reality?

Guess I shouldn’t be so concerned if I’m not surrounded by those types.

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