8 glasses of water

As usual, there are enlightening conversations in the cube farm. Then again, more often than not, not so much enlightenment.

Today was one of those lesser conversations.

I was informed that eight (8) glasses of water a day will help me lose weight. It was sincerely shared and …as if that was some kind of new information.

Since I was a little girl I’ve heard this statement on almost a daily basis. Perhaps my mother was more informed than most. I don’t know. All I know is that I hear and read this basic statement in magazines, on TV, from people that heard about it late, and even on Internet pop-up advertisements.

This makes me wonder – what about other stuff that I think is day-to-day that other people are just hearing? It increases the probability that half of the assumptions I say out loud every day aren’t understood.

Hmmm. And another question, how do I go about studying this?

I mean, you don’t want to say something and then do the grade school taunt – “Did you get it?” – whenever a bad joke was shared.

Not sure that this is really important, except in the world of communication, marketing, sales, education, business, learning, politics….um, everything.

Just make sure you eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away…

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