Paypal spam

In my email inbox I got an urgent request from a company purporting to be Paypal.

The message line read like this:

Urgent: Contact us for a security reazon!

Hmmmm.  I’m not sure what the reazon was, but it stands to reason that I didn’t take the message seriously and quickly deleted it.

A little word like “reazon” spelled incorrectly triggered me to know that this was not an official email.

I’m no grammar girl (she has a popular podcast), but I still know how that one little thing can throw people off on a website, in a brochure, or on a business card.

Credibility is lost so quickly from the simplest things.

I don’t have any credibility yet, since no one reads my blog. But, I have a feeling that I need to clean things up a bit in case someone I want to impress visits it and finds a REAZON to leave it quickly.

Proof that first impressions are the only impressions we get to make.

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