Goal – 10,000 more users

Where do these goals come from and from what people?

In a meeting last week a new goal was announced. We want to up our user base by 10,000 by the end of the fiscal year.

Note: We are already half way through the fiscal year as this goal arrives on our doorstep.

Note 2: We are a government organization with a finite number of people in our workforce.

Note 3: We don’t even take good care of the hundreds of thousands of users that we currently service through our systems.

Note 4: Why are you giving this goal to the team that produces products? Shouldn’t this goal go to marketing, outreach and the big “political” guys?

So weird. So off.

We don’t get any revenue from getting more users. The only explanation must be that we are in line to lose some upcoming funding and need to prove our worth.

How about this goal?

Improve the current level of service and quality of content delivered to our current user base.

Maybe if we did that, 20,000 new users would flock to us because we would be so great.

Readers should probably slap me for exhibiting common sense, but I can’t help myself from stating the obvious on some of these things.

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