So, I don’t know who I think I am, but at this point in life I get to make choices.

Choices about what I eat, what I drive, when I drive, where I work, and with whom I associate with on a regular basis.

I try to be nice, most of the time. Other times I encounter people where I just say that “I don’t have time for people like that!” and in a subtle way I delete them from my life.

This sounds terrible, but is it really? I have tons of family, relatives, friends, co-workers, etc. How can I possibly stay in touch with them all and be close?

I cannot and so I won’t. I will do what I can.

But, for some – let’s just agree to move on and say “hi” on the street if that moment ever happens.

Deletage doesn’t have to be rude or passive aggressive. It can just be a gradual moving on from further discussions or from saying the “we have to get together sometime” when we both never intend on it happening.

So, here’s to deletage to some wonderful people that I just really don’t have time for and can probably find better friends than me to get together sometime with…

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