Buggy people

To clarify, I am not referring to the Amish when I bring up “buggy people.”

I’m talking about people that bug. People that get in the way. People that are enlarged gnats flying around the office interfering with work, creating more work, critical of work, etc.

An interesting “ah-ha” came to me this week. A few buggy people were away. It changed the environment. In some ways it was good and in some ways I missed them.

It is interesting how important it is to have variety in the office space – the good, the bad, the ugly and the buggy. Of course, there are far more categories and combinations of categories to select from, but all make it a micro-world that contribute to what ideas live, breath or die.

I guess this is the beginning of a new healthy relationship with the buggy people. They have their place in my life. And, I just might be one of the buggy people in someones life.

I wonder if they miss me when I’m gone.

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