Cube Hostage

Today, at of what appeared to be nowhere, a line appeared at my cube. You would think I was the DMV reincarnate right there in the basement cube farm.

I just sat there and they came to me. Is this what they mean when they say “if you build it, they will come.”

My version is “if I sit there, they will hold me hostage in my cube.”

It isn’t all that bad. I enjoy the idea generating conversations where people share thoughts, websites, books, and funnies.

What I think is interesting, is those people that line up when I’m talking to someone on the phone. This doesn’t make me speed up my phone conversation. I just turn away from the folks hanging out at the cube and hope that their emotional intelligence kicks it into a slightly higher gear.

Well, I know, that is an absurd expectation for someone that is willing to wait in line at a random cube…especially when their cube may be just around the corner.

Either way, I’ve moved on from my former office hostage situations (because I actually had an office to be held hostage in by doorway blocking bandits) to cube farm hostage moments.

Folks, I make fun, but this does happen and in a way, I am so grateful.

It gives me more fodder for the musings.

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