The first tweeter – a relative in the 1800s

In my spare time, I ran across a journal of a long past relative. Someone had transcribed it and put it out there for all to read.

It occurred to me that this man wrote as if he was Tweeting on Twitter. I’m sure he was allowed more than 144 characters (since his later entries are longer), but take a look. Pretty cool. He lived somewhere in the Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah area.

Jan. 1885 – Hauled lumber from Hardscrabble and Sheep Canyon for a number of days.

Feb. 2-3, 1886 – Fencing mill pond and surroundings.

Feb. 13, Sat. 1886 – We went to Farmington.

Feb. 14, Sun. 1886 – Went to Centerville after meeting.

Feb. 15, 1886 – We went to Salt Lake, purchased furniture ($15.00). We drove back to Adda’s. Emma’s father brought Mrs. Tanner to Centerville on U.G.R.R.

Feb. 16-17, 1886 – Back home bringing some trees and shrubbery and also visited Porters.

Feb. 21, Sun. 1886 – Bro. D. Heiner, I, and folks visited Peterson.

Feb. 18, Sun. 1886 – Quarterly Conference in Morgan.

Mar. 15, 1886 – I & J.E.S. visited Enterprize.
Apr. 1, 1886 – Went to Fast Meeting.

Apr. 4, 1886 – I & D. Heiner preached in N. Morgan.

Apr. 7-8, 1886 – Went to Grass Creek. Stormed. I left part of load of coal in Croydon.

Apr. 9, 1886 – Purchased trees from Geneva Nursery. ($20.00)

Apr. 10, 1886 – Helped E. Hunter survey for D. Heiner. Bro. Woolley & Sister Maria Munn (Tanner) came to see us.

Apr 12, 1886 – She went on cars with W.G. Philips.

May 15-16, 1886 – Conference here. I had sold my team to J.E. Stevenson and walked over on Friday to Farmington. Saturday 15, I took a load of hay to Salt Lake City. Sunday morning at 5 o’clock I stated up riding with Father and Jos. E. Taylor (skipper), who returned in the afternoon.

May. 17, 1886 – Being Water Master, I had the Canal cleaned taking 2-1/2 days, tax 60 cents per acre.

May 24, 1886 – Watered lucern above Railroad and a piece of barley, lucern & timothy too.

May 18, 1886 – Emma was sick at half her time. Dressed on 5th day.

May 27, Thurs. 1886 – Emma on the train, went to Farmington , fare $21. Arrived all right.

May 29, 1886 – Prepared to water barley this side of Coop as we have had a long dry spell.

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