Old and New

We often try to patch up our older products. I say “patch up” because we aren’t willing to do a complete overhaul for whatever reason. Our “patch up” efforts can be as small as changing words or graphics in an online course or as big as expecting a low performing contractor to provide us award wining results.

Sometimes I think we need to leave some of the old stuff alone and just plain move on to a completely new approach, product, or person. Or, at least separate them so the glaring differences aren’t evident.

Honestly, I’m basing this on my afternoon walk.
Note the old and new wood on the fence. If it was only old wood, it would look fine. They came in and replaced a few pieces and now the net result is that it all looks like junk. I’d propose making the new look like the old so it would match OR making it all new OR varnish the entire fence to look the same color.
So, am I off base here? Perhaps I’m making much a do about nothing, but it felt like an interesting observation.
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