Small Heads or Little Heads or whatever

What sounds better? Small heads or little heads?

Do you need context before answering?

Either way, I’ve promised myself that I would write about it.

I’ve kept long hair for a lot of my life because I’m tall and I think it balances me out. When I had short hair, I felt like a pin head. Now, I now that my head is not small, but I used to think it was during my small thinking teenage years.

This post isn’t about actual head size. This is about actual brain usage…and/or lack thereof.

The great thing about telework Fridays is that the animals get to leave the cube farm and explore the pastures. Thank goodness! While exploring pastures, it becomes more evident how small the cube farm environment actually is, as well as all surrounding mini-barnyards that make up the corporate ranch.

OK, this analogy is going south pretty quick. So, back to the point.

Here are some of the amazing “small head” things that go on in our work microworld:

  • Cabinets – people complain that some have less cabinet space than others. These are cabinets outside of our personal cubes. I guess some people expect to move into this space (personal book collections included) and occupy it in the same way as a home. Maybe there are some cabinet mortgage payments going on that I don’t know about.
  • Eavesdropping and Gossiping – this is a terrible habit of small heads. If the eavesdropping isn’t bad enough, they will then spread rumors or make decisions based upon the eavesdrop. Everyone knows one of the co-workers is leaving because someone overheard it in a meeting near their office space and then passed it on. Is personal information not respected anymore? Plus, what if someone was just venting?
  • Interruptions – there is no respect for privacy, priorities, or personal space with small heads. They can’t think beyond moments or hours. No regard for big picture, strategy, or prioritizing incoming minutia. Let’s not even address the low levels of associated emotional intelligence.
  • Self-preservation – why take one for the team if you can point fingers or protect yourself? Sometimes I make the mistake of thinking others think like me and then I get burned. I take blame where blame is due, and sometimes when it is not due so that we can move forward and forget the “who did it?” game.
  • Kiss up – is it more scary that people kiss up to the leadership OR that the leadership cannot discern who the kiss-ups are? Both are disturbing in their own special way.

Why share more? I just realized that this entire blog is centered around funny and sad encounters with small heads.

The one worst thing about small heads is this:

“If you surround yourself with small heads, your head will become smaller by association.”
– quote by me for me

Get out while you can…or at least create a blog from your experiment living among them.

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